What can I use instead of pizza sauce?

What can I use instead of pizza sauce?

We get it. You’ve got a Roccbox pizza oven and now friends/family/neighbours/passing strangers are demanding pizza with increasing regularity and you're starting to feel a bit of a one-trick-pony always serving tomato sauce based pizzas.

Don’t get us wrong, the Margherita is regarded as the queen for good reason, and making an incredible slow cooked tomato sauce can be a real thing of beauty BUT… variety is the spice of life after all!

With that in mind, here are some ideas for alternatives to pizza sauce that we think are still good enough for royalty (even if they’ll never be the Queen)...

White Base

White based pizzas are made many different ways but the most common is cheese (usually mozzarella but there’s no white base rules to follow) straight onto the base followed by toppings.

This fennel sausage and charred broccoli pizza is a wicked twist on a Neapolitan classic white base pizza.

BBQ Sauce

Neapolitan purists look away now! BBQ Chicken pizza is one of the most popular pizza toppings in the world (personally, I have no idea why. But what do I know?) and this version on our classic NY style dough is a brilliant example of this divisive topping.

Vegetable Purees

Using blended seasonal veggies to create incredible alternatives to pizza sauce is becoming more commonplace, particularly with the rise in popularity of veganism. It’s a great way to add colour to a pizza (bright orange squash, deep purple beetroot) and use whatever is in season - such as this wonderful winter Jerusalem artichoke based pizza (and trust me, you won't miss the cheese on this one!)

Cheese Sauce/Rarebit

Cheese sauce (or Bechamel sauce) can work as a base but I prefer it morphed into Welsh rarebit - a British classic. Ours is a flavour packed cheese sauce with a boozy worcestershire sauce punch! This can be used as a base and finished with cured meats or chutneys to make the perfect pizza for cheese lovers!

Creme Fraiche

Creme fraiche makes a light white base pizza that pairs brilliantly with meats or vegetables and can be flavoured to suit your topping choices. Like our Carbonara pizza that uses creme fraiche and grated garlic to mimic the emulsified sauce we associate with the traditional Italian standard.


Super versatile and a staple in most households nowadays, pesto makes an interesting pizza sauce alternative that also works as an addition after you've baked the pizza; such as in this Detroit style green top pizza.

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