how americans eat pizza

We Love Our 'Za: A Look at How Americans Eat Pizza

America's love for pizza is nothing short of an obsession, and it’s not difficult to understand why. But just how loved is one of the country’s most popular foods? To explore this topic a bit further, Gozney surveyed 1,500 pizza lovers across the U.S. Discover the findings below.

A Look at How Americans Eat Pizza

From family dinners to date nights, pizza is the one food many of us can't seem to get enough of. But just how much do people love this cheesy delight? It turns out quite a bit! According to our survey, Americans eat approximately 156 slices a year, with a third (33%) having pizza at least once per week and most (35%) eating an average of 3 slices per sitting. Moreover, a third of Americans (34%) said they would eat pizza three times a week or more if they were unrestricted, and there were no factors that prevented them from doing so.

As for their favorite day to indulge in it? Friday night pizza nights still reign, with one in two Americans crowning it their top choice, followed by Saturday (19%), with Tuesday being the least popular (4%). No matter the day, you’re most likely to find people eating pizza for dinner, with an overwhelming 70% declaring it their favorite time to take a bite.

When it comes to pizza styles, we may not all be as divided as we think. New York-style pizza reigns supreme across the Northeast, South, and West regions, while Chicago-style is the most popular in the Midwest. Additionally, more than half (52%) of Americans prefer stuffed crust vs. the traditional Neapolitan, and almost half admitted that bacon is their ultimate topping guilty pleasure (no judgment here).

Meanwhile, although leftover pizza is a welcomed favorite, the current popular TikTok trend of air frying leftover pizza isn't so universal as it might seem; 39% of people prefer to reheat leftover pizza in the oven or microwave (37%) over air frying (13%).

When it comes to predicting the biggest pizza trends of 2023, pan pizzas seem to be making a comeback securing 15% of the vote, closely followed by deep-fried pizza (11%). While hash brown pizza and Thanksgiving pizza fall to the bottom of the pile.

Free Pizza or the Big Game?

Football's biggest event of the year takes place this February, but might pizza have the upper hand? According to our findings, a whopping 83% of Americans said they would skip watching the Big Game in exchange for a year of free pizza. That loyalty holds in Missouri and Pennsylvania, the two states represented in this year's game, with 69% of respondents in both states agreeing they'd take the free pizza instead.

In addition to skipping football’s favorite Sunday, most Americans also said they would be willing to give up social media (75%) and sex (64%) for an entire month in exchange for a year of free pizza. Additionally, 41% said they would be willing to spend one night in jail, and 24% of Americans would even break up with their partner!

Despite the number of people willing to pass on football, pizza is still expected to have a prominent place at the Big Game party table, with 64% planning to serve or eat pizza, followed by chips and dip (53%), chicken wings (51%), nachos (38%) and burgers/sliders (27%).

Regardless of the event, it appears pizza is the preferred food for any occasion, with 93% admitting they are likely to order pizza when they don’t feel like cooking, while binge-watching TV (90%), while watching a sports game (85%), after a night out/partying (78%), and even on a first date (60%). And if given a choice, 31% of people would choose pizza for their last meal, making it the most selected answer.

How Americans Are Dealing with Pizza Inflation

It's no secret that inflation is affecting everything from gas to groceries, and unfortunately, America's famous $1 slice is no exception.

Almost three-quarters (73%) of Americans said they are concerned about inflation affecting the cost of their favorite pizza, with 68% reporting they've already noticed an increase in the price of their favorite pies.

Yet despite broad concerns over rising costs, only 11% of respondents said price was the most important factor when choosing where to buy pizza. Interestingly, 66% rate quality as the most important factor, followed by the variety of options offered (13%) and speed (8%).

Ultimately, it appears pizza is priceless in the eyes of most Americans, with 1 in 4 (27%) admitting they would need more than $1M in exchange for never eating pizza again. And more shockingly, 16% said no money would be enough for them to give up their beloved pizza.

Americans Rising Interest in Making Pizza at Home

It's clear that pizza is one of the most popular dishes on the planet. But lately, more people are opting to flex their culinary skills and make their own pizza from scratch, whether in their kitchens or in their backyard with a pizza oven. According to our research, 81% of Americans have tried to make pizza at home. Most primarily make it on special occasions (36%), followed by once a month (22%), with 1 in 10 making it weekly.

The reasons for making pizza at home vary, but the most common one is for the experience (39%). Other popular reasons include the ability to choose one's ingredients (38%), to spend quality time with friends and family (35%), and because it's less expensive than restaurant/take-out pizza (35%). Speaking of money, 14% of people who have tried to make pizza at home report saving over $1,000 in their lifetime by doing so.

Regardless of their reasons for doing so, making pizza at home is a trend we expect to continue to see in 2023, with 37% of respondents saying they plan on making pizza at home more frequently. While pragmatic reasons lead the way - 34% reported having less money to spend on restaurant/take-out pizza now due to the cost-of-living crisis - 21% still plan to embark on the culinary journey because it's more fun to make pizza at home.

Whether you're looking for a quick snack or a hearty dinner, homemade pizza offers endless possibilities for deliciousness. Not only is it easy to make, but you can also customize your pizza however you like – from the type of dough to the toppings – and, most importantly, create new and memorable experiences with friends and family. So why not give it a try?