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Regular price AUD $799.00

The restaurant-grade portable pizza oven. Dual fuel capable, fire up with the convenience of gas or discover the flavour of wood with our interchangeable wood burner. Includes a professional grade pizza peel worth $119.


2-3 business day processing time at warehouse. Transit times are on top of this and vary.

  • Description

    Tom Gozney Signature Edition is not including in the sale. Sale is while supplies last.

    The restaurant-grade portable pizza oven for your garden.

    Cook restaurant quality pizza at home with Roccbox, designed for ease of use and unrivalled performance. 

    Portable - Take Roccbox anywhere with its retractable legs, detachable burner and built-in thermometer.

    Reaches 500°C - Enjoy unrivalled cooking results created by a thick stone floor, dense insulation and a unique rolling flame.

    Gas or wood fuelled - Roccbox comes with a propane gas burner as standard, and the option to buy a detachable wood burner if you choose dual fuel.

    Safe touch - Host pizza parties with the family friendly option. Roccbox’s safe-touch silicone jacket reduces the risk of skin burns that can often occur with metal bodied ovens.

    Restaurant-grade - Engineered to replicate the performance of Gozney’s professional ovens, used by leading chefs and restaurants all over the world.

Meet Roccbox

Cook Neapolitan pizza in 60 seconds with Roccbox, the restaurant-grade portable pizza oven for your garden. Simple to use and engineered without compromise for the best possible cooking results.


Roccbox's gas burner is engineered to replicate a true wood flame, reaching incredible temperatures at the turn of a dial. To enjoy the authentic taste and experience of wood-fired cooking, the optional wood burner accessory is for you. From Neapolitan pizza to wood-roasted steak, Roccbox makes wood-fired cooking simple.

So much more than brilliant pizza

  • Neapolitan Pizza

    Enjoy the simplicity of authentic Neapolitan pizza
  • Meatball Panouzzo

    Experiment with new flavours and fillings
  • Ribeye Steak

    Achieve truly different results when cooking meat
  • Trio of Veg

    Add beautifully charred vegetables with ease
  • Detroit style pizza

    Try deep dish for the most incredible crusts
  • Buffalo Chicken Wings

    Tuck into some wings, crispy outside and moist inside

Engineered for Simplicity

Engineered for Simplicity

Key features

Roccbox Accessories

Roccbox around the world

Unbeatable performance

Unbeatable performance

Innovative flame technology

The combination of ceiling height, dome shape and unique baffle plate technology have been engineered with precision to create the perfect rolling flame. Turbulent, powerful, and reaching for the open door, Roccbox’s highly engineered flame is exactly what’s required to create even heat distribution and cook perfect Neapolitan pizza.

Why choose Gozney?

Unrivalled Performance

All Gozney products are professional grade and designed without compromise for the best possible cooking results.

Simple to Use

Make wood-fired cooking easy with a Gozney. We’ve taken care of the engineering so you can enjoy the cooking.

Unbeatable Versatility

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