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It's always been about more than pizza ovens. Come connect with us in person, meet the incredible characters we work with & learn more about how to step up your own pizza game. All are welcome!

Proof Supper Club

7 secret locations around the world + 9 legendary chefs + you 


Introducing Proof Supper Club. A 7-stop world tour where every stop promises to be a once-in-a-lifetime evening of secret outdoor locations, legendary chefs creating one-of-a-kind menus, with different surprises planned for every night. You will be part of unforeseen moments, interacting with chefs, the hands-on chance to learn to create pizza, and of course mind-blowing food.

Australia: 2024 + 2025

  • Thursday,

    November 14, 2024

    Analiese Gregory
    Sydney, Australia
    Coming Soon
  • Thursday,

    January 30, 2025

    Matt Stone
    Melbourne, Australia
    Coming Soon

Europe: 2024

  • Thursday,

    June 13, 2024

    Brad Carter
    London, United Kingdom
  • Thursday,

    July 18, 2024

    Dalad Kambhu
    Berlin, Germany

USA: 2024

  • Thursday,

    May 9, 2024

    Joe Sasto
    Los Angeles, California
  • Thursday,

    August 8, 2024

    Ellen Bennett x Eric Wareheim
    New York, New York
  • Friday,

    October 4, 2024

    Rasheed Philips x Chrissy Tracey
    San Francisco, California
    Coming Soon

Local Events

Want to connect with us in person? Want to learn to make better pizza? Of course you do. Below is a list of our what we have happening near you.

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