Chris Bianco

Chef + Restaurateur
United States

The god father of the pizza world. Owner of 'Pizzeria Bianco' and 'Bianco DiNapoli Tomatoes'.

  • Hometown Phoenix
  • Occupation Chef + Restaurateur
Chris Bianco grew up in the Bronx and had his first job at a pizzeria when he was just 13. In the late 80s he moved to Phoenix, Arizona where he started his first Pizzeria Bianco, which soon became a mecca for artisanal pizza lovers.
A big part of Chris's success is his love of using the best ingredients around. From the locally milled flour, to the ripest tomatoes and artisanal cheeses, his simple yet delicious pizzas set him apart from the rest. He's not only an exceptional pizza chef, but also the most welcoming host, making each guest feel like part of the family.
Chris's influence goes way beyond Phoenix, with many awards under his belt including being the first pizza maker to win a James Beard award and recently featuring on Netflix's Chef's Table: Pizza. He's a true icon in the pizza world.