Carbonora Pizza Recipe - Gozney . Roccbox

Carbonora Pizza

What to know?

  • 450 degrees
  • Pizza
  • 2
  • 12 minutes

The inspiration for this pizza is the classic pasta carbonara but the combo of pancetta, egg and brilliantly fluffy Neapolitan dough mean I find myself wanting this for breakfast just as much!

Step 1;

Grate the garlic into the creme fraiche season with a little salt and a generous amount of black pepper and set to one side.

Step 2;

Open a Neapolitan dough ball into a pizza skin and top with half the creme fraiche. Sprinkle over half the parmesan and mozzarella before adding half the pancetta.

Step 3;

Slide the pizza onto your Roccbox peel and carefully crack one of the eggs into the centre.

Step 4;

Launch the pizza into the oven and bake for 60-90 seconds.

Step 5;

Use a spoon to break the yolk and drizzle all over the pizza before finishing with a final twist of black pepper.