Adam Atkins

Street Pizza Chef
United Kingdom

Gozney OG and street pizza legend, slinging pizzas from his custom American van in St Albans, UK.

  • Hometown St Albans
  • Occupation Street Pizza Chef
Adam's Gozney journey started back in 2016, when he lost his delivery job and decided to turn his hobby of making pizzas into his business 'Peddling Pizza'. He strapped Roccboxes on to his bike and trailer and started serving Neapolitan pizzas at the local market in his hometown St Albans (UK).
Since then, he's perfected his craft, upgraded to a 3-wheeler Piaggio ape and more recently to a custom Chevy American van which won best-looking food truck at British Street Food 2022 Awards with its double Dome set up.
Over the years Adam has become an inspiration for others investing in building their own businesses and is always supporting them with advice, as well as getting hands on at pizza classes. If you're in St Albans, you'll find Adam blasting out hip hop from his van and repping his latest sneaker collection addition.

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