We’ve been on a journey to bring the performance and ease of our commercial ovens out of the restaurant and into your outdoors. Your new pizza experience is almost here.

The world's most advanced compact pizza oven.

Arc XL + Arc

Arc XL + Arc bring Gozney’s renowned design ethos into a sleek form that’s compact outside yet big on cooking space inside.  With a revolutionary lateral gas burner, unbeatable heat retention, and precision temperature control – all for distributing high heat evenly and consistently – creating epic pizza has never been easier.

Arc XL | 16" pizza capacity | $1,399.99
Arc | 14" pizza capacity | $1,199.99


What’s the difference between Arc XL and Arc?

The features of both ovens are the same, but with Arc XL you can bake 16” pizzas and with Arc you can bake 14” pizzas.

What features are new?

The big innovation is the new lateral burner. Arc’s lateral gas burner with its rolling yellow flame replicates wood-fire to create amazingly consistent heat, easy to precisely control, and frees up space on the large 20mm thick stone oven floor so you can make bigger pizzas and easily move them as you go. 

Additionally, the new digital temperature gauge measures the exact temp of the stone floor so you can create your perfect pizza exactly how you like it.

What’s so special about the lateral gas burner?

Arc's lateral gas burner recreates a wood-fire flame from a restaurant oven which fans out and rolls across the oven’s domed ceiling, almost touching the floor on the other side – which when paired with the professional ratios of insulation and 20mm thick stone floor ensures an even heat distribution and superior heat consistency. The flame can be precisely dialed in for your perfect cooking temperature, so you’re creating your best pizza after pizza after pizza. Also, by moving the burner up off the cooking floor you gain a ton of space for easy cooking.

What makes this different from your other gas ovens?

Arc XL + Arc both feature a new revolutionary lateral gas burner which is the first of its kind, as well as a new digital thermometer and new exhaust which draws out air from the oven and reduces the build-up of soot. 

Arc XL + Arc anchor the middle of our oven line, larger footprint and cooking space than the Roccbox yet more compact and space-saving than the Dome.

What’s the difference between Arc or Dome?

Dome and Arc are designed for different needs. Dome is the ultimate versatile oven with both wood & gas capabilities as well as being accessory ready for a variety of cooking methods. The gas-only Arc XL + Arc are designed for when you want a high-performance pizza oven in a compact footprint. Arc XL + Arc anchor the middle of our oven line, larger footprint and cooking space than the portable Roccbox yet more compact and space-saving than the Dome and Dome S1.

What’s the difference between Arc XL and Dome S1?

Dome S1 is the gas-only version of Dome, same size and same heat retention. Arc XL with its revolutionary lateral gas burner is a compact oven designed for cooking epic 16" pizzas.

How many will be available for launch? Will they sell out?

We have limited stock online which may sell out, and if we do, the Arc XL + Arc can be found at our awesome retail partners.

What accessories does it come with?

A range of accessories will be available to purchase with the Arc XL + Arc including: Arc + Arc XL Stand, Arc + Arc XL Booster, Arc Mantel, Arc XL Mantel, Covers, as well as a range of new peels.

Is there a natural gas version?

No, the Arc is for propane gas use only.