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Pizza For beginners – Overnight Pizza Dough | Gozney

Pizza For beginners – Overnight Pizza Dough | Gozney

Pizza For beginners – Overnight Pizza Dough | Gozney - pizza oven

With a few tweaks to our Simple Pizza Dough recipe, you can leave your dough to ferment longer overnight, or even two days for increased flavour. If you have the time, why not give it a go and see which you prefer?

Step 1:

Pour all of your water into the large mixing bowl and add all of the yeast, stirring to dissolve. Add in half the quantity of flour 500g to the bowl and mix with your hand for 30 seconds to combine.

Step 2:

Add the remaining half of the flour to the bowl and mix for another 30 seconds to combine and then add the salt and mix for a further 30 seconds.

Step 3:

Empty out the dough mass to your counter and knead with your hands for 10 minutes, and then cover the dough with a tea towel and rest on your kitchen/work surface for 10 minutes.

Step 4:

Shape the dough mass into a smooth ball by dragging across the counter surface to form tension on the outside of the dough. Tightly cover with a lid or cling film and leave the dough to rest overnight for a maximum of 16 hours at 22°C room temp.

Step 5:

Using scales, portion the dough into 250g portions using a dough cutter if you have one. Form the dough into balls and place into lightly oiled containers or a clean, dry tray and cover with a lid, leaving them to proof for 8 hours at room temperature 22°C. Alternatively, place the balls in the fridge for an extra day or two. Remove the dough balls from the fridge at least 6 hours before you want to bake pizza.

Step 6:

Preheat your Gozney Roccbox or Dome to 450°C. Open out a dough ball using your favourite method, top lightly and transfer to a Gozney placement peel. Ensure that you have lightly dusted the peel with flour first to avoid the dough from sticking.

Step 7:

Gently re-adjust the pizza if necessary to stretch to the edges of the peel. Give the pizza a quick shuffle test on the peel, it should freely move and not be stuck, and then transfer to your Gozney oven.

Step 8:

Allow the pizza to bake for 20-30 seconds before giving it a turn with a Gozney turning peel. Turn every 20-30 seconds for 90 seconds total or until the pizza is baked just how you like it. Remove the pizza from the pizza oven onto a board, slice and enjoy!

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