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Potato & Onion Pizza


1. For The Dough;

- Mix the bread flour and khorasan flour together in a bowl. Pour the water into a separate bowl and add the starter to the water. Mix with your hand to dissolve the starter before adding 10% of the flour mix. Mix with your hand until there are no dry bits. Cover, and rest for 10 minutes.

- Add the salt to the mix and knead briefly to incorporate before adding the remaining flour and bringing together into a dough with your hands.

- Tip the dough onto a clean work surface and knead for around 10 minutes. Form into a tight ball, cover and leave for 2 hours.

- When the time is up, divide the dough into 250g pieces and shape into dough balls. Place the dough ballsa into a container and cover. Refrigerate for 24 hours. Allow the dough balls to sit at room temperature for at least 2 hours before opening into pizzas.

2. For The Toppings;

- Thickly slice the onions before popping in a tray, drizzling with olive oil, salt and pepper and roasting at 350°F/180°C for 10 minutes.

- Peel and thinly slice the potatoes before blanching in salted boiling water for one minute. Remove with a slotted spoon into a bowl of iced water and set aside.

- Combine the ricotta and cream with a generous seasoning of salt and pepper and whisk until smooth.

3. For The Pizzas;

- Working with one at a time, toss the dough ball in flour before opening into a pizza base and dolloping on the ricotta cream.

- Layer with potato and onion before topping with rosemary, mozzarella and extra virgin olive oil.

- Pull the pizza onto a placement and launch into Roccbox. Bake for around 2 minutes, rotating as required.

- As the pizza comes out the oven, grate over the fresh parmigiano cheese, slice and serve.



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