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Wheel out the grill, dust down the comedy apron, rescue the long tongs from the garage. It’s barbecue season. It’s all about the bare necessities: man (or woman), meat, flame and wood or charcoal. It’s the antithesis of the microwave and the ready meal. It’s how cooking was meant to be. I’m thumping my chest just thinking about it.

Anna Tyzack got her hands on Roccbox in this Saturday’s Telegraph paper, read the full article here.

Given that my children would happily eat nothing but pizza, I couldn’t fire up the Roccbox fast enough. It looks like something from outer space, runs on either wood or gas and can cook stone-baked meat, fish and vegetable dishes as well as pizza. I opted for gas first, and within 20 minutes the oven had reached 500 degrees. Making the dough took longer, but the recipe from Roccbox worked perfectly.

It took my children 90 seconds to eat the first pizza, the same time as it took to cook it. I preferred the second batch though, which we cooked later using the wood burner. It took far longer for the oven to reach cooking temperature and keeping the fire blazing was labour intensive but the pizza was perfectly crisp on the bottom, with that wood-fired taste you usually experience in restaurants. Roccbox is not cheap but as you can also use it to cook bangers, burgers and steaks, it will almost certainly render your barbecue redundant.”