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How to make flatbread

Gozney development chef Joe Boiling doesn’t just tell us how to make an amazing flatbread dough, but a flatbread that is fast, foolproof and flexible enough to suit any dish…

There are many flavoured flatbread doughs that require you to have exact, precise measurements and an almost scientific preparation method - not unlike pizza dough! But do you really need to be this precise?

No. Flatbread doughs are often unleavened (meaning it doesn’t contain any yeast) and are therefore less prone to change from temperature and environment. Basically, flatbread dough can be far more forgiving, easier to work with and less of a petulant teenager than pizza dough!

That’s not to say those very specific recipes are wrong or that you shouldn’t follow them to the letter. But it does mean that it’s possible to make a quick and simple flatbread dough that can be ready in minutes with only 5 ingredients (and 4 of them you can customise to suit!) and cooked in seconds in a pizza oven.

Whether you’re caught out and need a quick pile of flatbreads to go with your hungover eggs in purgatory or you’re planning ahead to make a wood fired mussels feast and want a selection of flavoured flatbreads to mop up the glorious smokey juices you’ve got the answer here! A customisable flatbread dough where you can change elements to suit your palate or compliment your dish!

Let me introduce The Fabulously Fast Foolproof Flatbread Formula! And there's no need for a mixer or any equipment, just a bowl, a couple of spoons, some scales and you’re ready...

Salt 1 Tsp

This is one ingredient you don’t want to change.

Flour 200g

The great thing about this recipe is that it will work with most types of flour; plain, all purpose, 00, bread, self raising - all will make a delicious flatbread.

It can also be a great chance to use up all those few tablespoons you have left in your weird and wonderful flour collection as blends of flours work great with this flatbread dough.

Flavour 1 Tbsp

Once you have the flour and salt it is time for the fun part - flavour! Chopped rosemary, toasted cumin seeds, chopped parsley & lemon zest or any other herb or spice you fancy trying!

Basil plant getting out of control? Chop up those leaves and put them in a flatbread dough. Too much of that fancy Morrocan spice you bought for that one recipe once to impress the in-laws? Put it in a flatbread dough! Being able to alter the flavour is a great way to make sure they are the perfect match for whatever dish you’re serving them.

Liquid 100ml

Once your dry ingredients are combined in a bowl you can mix together the wet ingredients. The main consideration here is the texture of your dough and 9 times out of 10 I’ll just use water but you can make it a 50/50 mix with milk to give yourself a softer final dough.

Fat 2 Tbsp

Fat can be added in many forms; oil, yoghurt, melted butter, meat fat or lard can all be used for both enhancing flavour and giving varying textures. Fat is also another chance to add flavour by using a flavoured oil or butter to compliment your dry ingredient.

Korean chilli flakes and sesame oil is one of my favourite uses of flavoured oil but chilli, rosemary and truffle oils (amongst any others you have/make/buy!) lend a brilliant subtle flavour to the flatbreads.

And that’s it. Mix everything together and you’ve got a Fabulously Fast Foolproof Flatbread dough! What you do with it next is up to you.

The dough is ready to roll out after a quick 5 minute rest if you need it quickly but will keep for a couple of days in the fridge if you want to plan ahead.

Baking A Foolproof Flatbread

To bake the flatbreads simply roll them out as thin as you can with a rolling pin and use a pizza cutter to slice the rolled dough into any weird and wonderful shapes you fancy (just make sure they’re not too big for the peel!) slide onto a floured placement and launch into the pizza oven.

Any Gozney pizza oven will make an amazing flatbread as they can reach the optimum temperature to bake them in. The searing hot stone floor and rolling flame will make the dough puff up in what must be one of the most satisfying sights in the culinary world! Once you see you the dough puffing up it’s time to give it a few spins then out it comes.

Depending on how fierce your flame is you’ll be baking these flatbreads in around 40-60 seconds in an oven of around 840f/450c (you can find the full recipe here) but they’ll bake just as well at a slightly lower temperature as they’re very forgiving.

If eating them straight away then get stuck in! If you want to make a few piles for later you can wrap them in foil and pop into an oven to heat up when required.

Now you just let your imagination run wild with flavour and fat combinations! As long as you stick to the measurements you’ll have Fabulously Fast Foolproof Flatbreads everytime!