Gozney News


The Gozney team are proud to reveal the launch of Gozney.com this spring 2018. More than just a merger of 3 companies, find out what’s new and what’s different about Gozney.com.

What’s Gozney?

Gozney is the culmination of all of the products designed and refined by Tom Gozney and his team. It brings together The Stone Bake Oven Company, the UK’s market leader of domestic stone ovens, Gozney Professional Ovens, the UK’s market leader of commercial stone ovens and Roccbox, the world’s first, portable, insulated, stone floor oven. By bringing these independent, successful brands together under one name the Gozney team hope to become an international go-to brand for stone and fire-related products, synonymous with quality and innovation.

What’s different?

Gozney brings together everything the Gozney team has learnt over years of innovating in both the residential and commercial stone oven market. Every product with the Gozney name is designed and constructed to a professional standard. Expect the same high-quality products from the team, but with innovative developments unique to Gozney. Experienced in high temperature, stone and fire-related items, Gozney customers can expect unique, exceptional products that represent Gozney’s core values; enabling the cooking and sharing of exceptional food.

What’s new?

Gozney is excited to reveal the launch of the kitchen, a fully equipped 1100 Sq.ft. kitchen studio for the sharing of fresh recipes, exciting reveals, special guests, live feeds and more. “Gozney Kitchen serves to be a multi-theme platform for us to help customers get the most from their products,” says Tom. Expect custom recipes and tips delivered to your inbox or available any time on the site. “We are trying to make exceptional food accessible to anyone, anytime,” says Tom. Gozney hopes that along with the kitchen, easy to print recipe cards and simple to follow cooking techniques will enable cooking with stone and fire to become a reality for more curious cooks across the globe.

What’s on the horizon for Gozney?

Gozney’s key goal is innovation. So that means more inventive, unusual, unique fire and stone products. Always driving development, Gozney’s in-house design team work tirelessly to improve Gozney products and design new and creative ways to inspire new cooking possibilities.

Who is Gozney for?

Gozney is for the professional chef, the passionate foodie, outdoor griller or even the bored home cook. Gozney is unique in it’s ability to diversify cooking at home, with the ability to cook at higher temperatures than ever before, in a unique dry heat environment. This allows the user to transform simple ingredients into something exceptional, with equipment usually exclusive to professional kitchen environments. Gozney’s smart installation, premium cast quality and unbeatable efficiency mean that they are chosen for the most exceptional restaurants and commercial kitchens across the globe.


“Our aim at Gozney is to combine the latest technology with the traditional practice of cooking with fire and stone. We focus on the innovation so you can focus on the food.”

Founder & CEO – Tom Gozney.