MOD pizza


Hailing from the USA, MOD Pizza is now one of the world’s largest and fastest growing pizza chains.

From their early beginnings in Seattle during 2008, to the explosive growth of recent years, the company’s “Made On Demand” concept has been one of the restaurant sector’s greatest success stories in recent years.

With popularity continuing to gain traction Stateside, the company set it’s sights on expansion into the UK in late 2015 and immediately began working towards developing the perfect format with Gozney.

MOD required a product that was capable of not only producing the perfect “Made On Demand” pizza, but doing so within time constraints and the rigours of a high pressure environment. After extensive testing, the answer was found in Gozney’s Barbican 1900 – a powerhouse of an oven that is designed specifically for the fast casual market and has consistently outperformed all other products available on the market. MOD Pizza are now well established in the UK, with 6 sites open and expansion set to continue.

“It was important for me to find someone who knew what they were talking about and could do things at pace given our plans for expansion. When you are a new company in the market you want flexibility from a supplier and Gozney was able to offer that.” John Nelson, MOD UK CEO.


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