Sarah Glover

Adventure Chef
United States

Tasmanian adventure chef and fire lover, always planning her next trip out in the wild.

  • Hometown California
  • Occupation Adventure Chef
Always planning her next adventure, Tasmanian native Sarah takes cooking in the wild to the next level. Inspired by seasonal produce; foraged, hunted or sourced locally with her own hands. Sarah Glover is an internationally recognised chef and author. Throughout her career Sarah has blazed a culinary trail, published the award winning cookbooks and established a successful global brand.
With her roots and culinary escapades founded in Tasmania, Sarah now bounces between Australia and USA where she has cooked for the likes of Martha Stewart and Gordon Ramsay and shares her knowledge around creating world class sustainable fare. She believes that to elevate your outdoor cooking the kitchen can be wherever you want it to be; and that fun, approachable recipes will encourage an inclusive cooking community where trying new things will build confidence around the kitchen and in meal creation.
Sarah enjoys packing up her Roccbox and heading out to epic landscape to cook everything from fresh seafood to locally foraged fruits and vegetables.