Salim Gafayri

Pizza Chef

Melbourne's lovable pizzaiolo, Salim has mastered the perfect Neapolitan pizza.

  • Hometown Sydney
  • Occupation Pizza Chef
Originally from Izmir, Turkey, Salim embarked on a life-changing journey to Australia in 2004, at the young age of 15. It was from then that his passion for the art of pizza-making began to blossom when he started working at an Italian Pizzeria.
Recognizing the importance of expanding his culinary knowledge, Salim enrolled in a commercial culinary school which opened doors to various opportunities in Melbourne, where he honed his skills as a chef specializing in both Italian and Spanish cuisines. His journey led him to take on positions ranging from Sous Chef to Head Chef.
Having gained profound expertise in both the culinary world and the art of pizza-making as a pizzaiolo, he decided to fully immerse himself in the pizza game in 2017, where he became a recognized face at Arbory Afloat.
During the challenging times of COVID, Roccbox proved to be a savior for Salim's family and himself. Its portability allowed him to host pizza pop-ups, bringing joy to people while maintaining restaurant-quality results every time.
Specialising in a diverse range of styles, including Neapolitan, New York, Detroit, and Focaccia, Salim takes pride in crafting exceptional pizzas that delight the senses. Salim is a long term friend of the brand and has played a huge part in spreading the love of Gozney across Australia, helping us at events and sharing his pizza tips across social.