Eric Wareheim

Director + Writer + Producer + Author
United States

Director, writer, producer turned food fanatic and cookbook author.

  • Hometown California
  • Occupation Director + Writer + Producer + Author
Eric Wareheim is a multi-talented guy – an actor, comedian, writer, director, musician, author, winemaker, and a one-of-a-kind human being.
Known for his part in the iconic TV duo Tim & Eric, he’s since leaned into his love of food and wine with his NY best-selling cookbook ‘Foodheim: a culinary adventure’ and wine brand, Las Jaras Wines.
His passion for food began from a young age, in Baltimore, where his family would take vacations to nearby Ocean City where they would eat blue crab, Old Bay Seasoning, summer produce and boardwalk fries. But it wasn’t until he moved to LA that his love for food reached new levels. Mexican food, Thai food, sushi, farmers’ markets; you name it. Nothing makes Eric happier than cooking at home, making food from scratch and throwing a pizza party.