Courtney Storer

Chef + Culinary Producer
United States

Chef and culinary consultant, The Bear's bad ass culinary producer and previous head chef at LA's Jon & Vinny's.

  • Hometown California
  • Occupation Chef + Culinary Producer
Courtney's love for cooking started as a child, growing up in Chicago, she would watch her often watched her grandmother cook Italian food and particularly admired her weekly Sunday sauce. She started front of house as a host at a small restaurant in Chicago but longed to be in the back cooking.
Courtney Storer has worked in high-profile kitchens from Verjus in Paris to Jon & Vinny’s in L.A., but her most recent job has been to serve as “The Bear’s” culinary producer, getting the writers, cast and crew acclimated to the world the series takes place in. “The Bear” became an overnight sensation when its first season debuted in 2022 because of its visceral honesty about how it looks and feels to work in a restaurant.