The Spanglish (Truffled Chorizo, Teardrop Peppers & Manchego) - Gozney

The Spanglish (Truffled Chorizo, Teardrop Peppers & Manchego)

What to know?

  • 500 degrees
  • Easy
  • Pizza
  • Per Pizza
  • 7 Minutes (plus dough making time)

Adam Atkins is back with another Peddling Pizza’s classic - The Spanglish! Fatty truffled chorizo and fiery teardrop peppers are balanced perfectly with a combination of buffalo mozzarella and freshly grated manchego...

Step 1;

- Working with one dough ball at a time, toss the dough ball in flour before opening into a pizza base and covering with a ladle of tomato sauce.

Step 2;

- Grate over the pecorino and rip over the mozzarella before topping with all remaining ingredients except the manchego. Slide the pizza onto a floured placement peel and launch into Roccbox.

Step 3;

- Bake for around 90 seconds, rotating as required. As the pizza comes out the oven finish with a grating of manchego cheese and get stuck in!