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Seafood Paella

By Joel Bennetts

Seafood Paella

Seafood Paella

A taste of the Australian summer using the freshest ingredients around. Seafood Paella by @chefjoelbennetts. The ultimate dish to be shared this holiday season. ⁠


200g/7 Oz sushi rice 

25g/0.8 Oz cloves of garlic finely minced  

200g/ 7 Oz brown onion finely diced  

10g / 0.3 Oz birds eye chilli finely sliced 

 5g 0.2 Oz of thyme finely sliced 

1kg/ 35 Oz of fresh mussels 

8 large prawns 

20g/0.7 Oz of finely chopped parsley 

50g/1.7 Oz lemon juice 

1L/34 fl Oz. of chicken stock 



Olive oil  

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Step 1:

In a large cast iron pan, add a good glug of olive oil & place into the pre heated Gozney Roccbox to fire up. From there add the onions, garlic chilli & thyme to start sweating you can essentially do this in & out of the oven using the residual heat from the pan.

Step 2:

Once beautiful & soft & slightly translucent, add the rice & place in the Brad Leone Roccbox for a minute or so to come to heat.

Step 3:

Then add the chicken stock. You can add about half the stock at once & gently stir through the rice. At this stage turn the oven down to about 200°c/392°F and let the rice start to cook for 5 minutes. We aren't cooking a risotto so don't be stirring it too much, but it is crucial to play with the temperature of the oven to ensure you don't burn the rice on top.

Step 4:

Next, prep the seafood. First up is the prawns. Peel the prawns but leave the head & the final part of the tail attached & using a sharp knife cut into the back from the side & remove the intestine track. Repeat to all prawns.

Step 5:

For the mussels, find the beard & pull down to the narrow end of the mussel whilst squeezing the mussel together.

Step 6:

Add the seafood. By assembling the seafood on of the rice & switching the Roccbox to a medium 250°c/482°F, this will allow the prawns to cook, the mussels to steam open & all those beautiful natural juices sink into the rice.

Step 7:

After this stage I turn the oven off to allow the rice to finish cooking at the same time as the seafood juices create a steam style cooking method in the rice. This will take 5-10 minutes Then reboot the oven just to give a little colour & heat.

Step 8:

Combine the parsley & lemon juice with some olive oil salt & pepper to create a little salsa.

Step 9:

Top the risotto with the salsa, serve and enjoy!

Recipe Contributor

Joel Bennetts

Joel Bennetts is Sydney based chef that has been in the industry for over 15 years refining his craft into a simple yet elegant style of cooking. Boasting flavour, colour & a street away from authenticity he strives to create dishes that leave the mind wandering.


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