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Pork Schnitzel with burnt apple ketchup

By Thom Bateman

Pork Schnitzel with burnt apple ketchup

Pork Schnitzel recipe

A classic with a twist, this pork schnitzel with burnt apple ketchup and celeriac remoulade is a must try from Thom Bateman.  


Pork Schnitzel 

1 x 500g/17.5 Oz Pork Loin Chop 

2 x eggs 

20ml/0.5 fl Oz whole milk 

150g/ 5 Oz panko breadcrumbs 

30g/ 1 Oz butter 



Burnt Apple Ketchup 

200ml/ 6.5 fl Oz water 

Braeburn apples 

1 head of garlic 

150g Medjool dates 

20ml/ 0.5 Fl Oz light soy sauce 

40ml/ 1fl Oz sherry vinegar 

20g / 0.7 Oz caster sugar 

30g1 Oz glucose syrup 

Sea salt 



1 celeriac 

2 egg yolks 

1 tsp/ 1.2 US tsp Dijon mustard 

Juice of ½ lemon 

2 tsp/ 2.4 US tsp sherry vinegar 

300ml/ 10 fl Oz veg oil 

1 tbsp / 1.2 US tbsp whole grain mustard 

1 tsp / 1.2 tsp minced black truffle (not truffle oil!) 

1 handful flat parsley 

Sea salt 

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Step 1:

To make the apple ketchup, cube the apples before adding to a tray and placing into the Dome at 300°C/572°F. Allow these cook and blister slightly it will take approx. 15 mins.  

Step 2:

Steep the dates in boiling water for 10 mins then remove, add all the ketchup ingredients to a blender and blitz until smooth. Pass through a sieve and then reserve until ready to serve.  

Step 3:

For the remoulade, start by making a mayonnaise from the egg yolks, squeeze of lemon and the mustards with a pinch of salt. Break this up with a whisk before streaming in the veg oil slowly, continually whisking until the mayo forms. Season with the truffle and parsley, cut the celeriac with a mandolin so it’s wafer thin.  

Step 4:

Dress the celeriac with the mustard mayo, taste and adjust for seasoning/acidity.  

Step 5:

To make the schnitzel, tenderise the pork loin chops and flatten out until around 1.5cm/0.5 Inches thick. Season on both sides with salt and pepper.  

Step 6:

Dust with the flour then dip into beaten egg with a splash of milk, and then finally into the panko so the chop is fully coated.  

Step 7:

Heat the veg oil in a pan in the Dome at 300°C/572°F. You’re aiming for the oil to be around 160-170°C/320°F-338°F. Fry the pork chop on both sides for 3-4 mins or until golden brown all over.  

Step 8:

Drain off the oil, add the butter to the hot pan and baste the chop well for 2 minutes.  

Step 9:

Serve the chop with the apple ketchup and remoulade. Enjoy!  

Recipe Contributor

Thom Bateman

Thom Bateman is the Chef Patron of the Flintlock at Cheddleton in Staffordshire which was recently awarded 2 AA rosettes. He's also a big hit on TikTok, sharing recipe inspiration to a loyal following of over 1.2 million people.


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