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Marinara Pizza

By Adam Atkins

Marinara Pizza

The humble marinara. The perfect example of the joyous simplicity of Neapolitan pizza; no cheese, no frills, just really good flavours working together in perfect harmony. Let the king of street pizza Adam Atkins (@peddlingpizzas) show you how it's done.


For the marinara sauce 

1250g / 44oz Rega Italian peeled tomatoes or other high quality tinned plum tomatoes 

8 to12g / 0.2 – 0.4oz fine salt 


To make one marinara pizza 

260g / 9oz Neapolitan pizza dough ball 

Sprinkle of semolina flour to roll 

2 large spoons of marinara sauce 

Sprinkle of dried oregano 

1 garlic clove, roughly chopped 

2tbsp olive oil 

A few fresh basil leaves 

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Step 1:

Place half the tin of tomatoes into a food hand mill with large holes, place a bowl underneath and break up the tomatoes, repeat with the remaining tin. You could use your hands or a stick blender, just make sure you go through each tomato one at a time.

Step 2:

Add the salt to the marinara and stir through, you should have a slightly chunky marinara sauce.

Step 3:

Take 1 ball of dough, dust with semolina flour and push the air out towards the crust and slap out the dough. Check out the ‘pizza for beginners’ series on YouTube for a guide on opening a pizza dough ball.

Step 4:

Place the marinara sauce onto the pizza and spread out ensuring a thin crust.

Step 5:

Sprinkle over the dried oregano, chopped garlic clove and olive oil.

Step 6:

Heat the Gozney Dome or Roccbox to 500°C / 900°F, lower to 430°C / 800°F then increase the temperature to 480°C / 890°F, a high-medium flame – this will give the pizza a really good spring.

Step 7:

Place the pizza onto the Gozney Placement Peel and shape so it fills the peel, place into the oven. Leave for a few seconds and use the Gozney Turning Peel to turn and get an even bake.

Step 8:

Remove the pizza from the oven, tear over the fresh basil and use the Gozney Pizza Rocker to slice into 4 and serve.

Recipe Contributor

Adam Atkins

Gozney OG and street pizza legend, slinging pizzas from his custom American van in St Albans, UK.


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