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Far Breton

By Richard Bertinet

Far Breton

Far Breton

Far Breton by @richardbertinet. A simple, sweet treat cooked in Dome. Indulge this holiday season.



  • 200g / 7 oz prunes, stoned 

  • 50g / 1.76 oz rum 

  • 50g / 1.76 oz unsalted, melted butter 

  • 4 eggs 

  • 130g / 4.6 oz caster sugar 

  • 110g / 3.5 oz plain white flour 

  • 750g / 26.4 oz cold full fat milk 

  • Pinch salt 

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Step 1:

Soak the prunes in the rum for a few hours or overnight if time allows.

Step 2:

Heat the Gozney to 250°C / 480°F with a full flame.

Step 3:

Grease a deep (4cm) 20x25cm baking dish with the melted butter and place in the oven to heat up while you prepare the batter.

Step 4:

Add the eggs and sugar to a large bowl and whisk until the sugar is fully incorporated then add the flour and whisk again. Add a pinch of salt and whisk until well combined and smooth then gradually whisk in the milk.

Step 5:

Scatter the rum-soaked prunes over the base of the hot baking dish then carefully pour the batter over the top.

Step 6:

Make sure the Gozney Dome has reduced to embers (Or have the gas flame turned off) and bake the Far Breton in the oven, with the door on, for around 45 minutes, or until just set and a knife comes out of the centre of the dish clean. (Increase the flame or add an extra piece of kindling just at the end of cooking to caramelize the top a little.)

Step 7:

Let the Far Breton cool down in the tin for at least 2-3 hours then serve. 

Recipe Contributor

Richard Bertinet

Born in France, Richard Bertinet is a renowned baker and bread expert who bakes and teaches in the English town of Bath.


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