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Elotes Pizza

What to know?

Temperature Base Temperature Needle
  • Temperature Base 250 degrees
  • Pizza
  • 1 - 2

The Mexicans know a thing or two about street food and elotes is a zingy flavour packed classic of the genre. Here, we’ve taken the traditional elotes flavours and thrown them onto a classic Neapolitan dough to make THE taste of the summer…

Elotes Pizza

Step 1;

Before baking the pizza, grate the garlic into the sour cream, season and mix to combine before setting to one side. Make the lime mayo by mixing the lime juice with mayonnaise and transfer to a squeezy bottle.

Step 2;

Open your dough ball into a pizza skin and top with 3 Tbsp of the sour cream mix before sprinkling over a small handful of parmesan and feta.

Step 3;

Cover generously with the sweetcorn and launch the pizza into Roccbox and bake for 60-90 seconds, turning regularly. When the pizza comes out of the oven sprinkle over a pinch more of the parmesan and feta, dust with the smoked paprika and chopped coriander before drizzling over the lime mayo.