Elotes (Mexican Corn on the Cob) - Gozney . Roccbox

Elotes (Mexican Corn on the Cob)

What to know?

Temperature Base Temperature Needle
  • Temperature Base 450 degrees
  • 4
  • 15 minutes

Husk on corn on the cob are pretty readily available in summer and they’re amazing simply grilled with some butter and seasoning BUT…if you fancy doing something a bit more special, this is it!  

Elotes (Mexican Corn on the Cob)

Step 1;

Wrap the corn in tin foil and pop into the mouth of Roccbox to cook for around 15 minutes.

Step 2;

Whilst the corns are cooking, mix together the sour cream, mayo and garlic and set to one side.

Step 3;

When the time is up on the corn, remove the foil wrapping and brush generously with the sour cream mix.

Step 4;

Smother in the two cheeses before mixing together the spices and sprinkling over the top.