Creamed Leeks & Pancetta NY Style Pizza Recipe - Gozney

Creamed Leeks & Pancetta NY Style Pizza

What to know?

Temperature Base Temperature Needle
  • Temperature Base 370 degrees
  • Easy
  • Pizza
  • 2 pizzas
  • 50 Minutes (plus dough making time)

This pizza is the ultimate comfort food- crispy salty pancetta and luxurious creamed leeks pair perfectly on top of most doughs- but we’ve gone for our classic New York.

Creamed Leeks & Pancetta NY Style Pizza


1. For the creamed leeks;

- Pop the oil in a saucepan and place on a hob over a medium-low heat and add the oil. Add the chopped leeks and season well, cook for around 15-20 minutes stirring regularly.

- Add the sherry and turn the heat up to reduce the alcohol until almost dry. Turn the heat back down and add the cream. Season to taste, remove from the heat and cool down before using on the pizza.

2. For the pizzas;

- Ensure Roccbox is fully saturated with heat before beginning.

- Working one pizza at a time, open the dough ball into a pizza skin and top with half the creamed leeks. Add half the mozzarella and half the provolone before covering with half the pancetta.

- Slide the pizza onto a placement and turn the flame down to its lowest setting before launching the pizza into Roccbox and baking for around 4 minutes, rotating regularly as required.

- When the pizza is baked, transfer to a serving board or plate, slice and serve.