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Christmas Leftovers Panouzzo

What to know?

Temperature Base Temperature Needle
  • Temperature Base 450 degrees
  • Easy
  • Pizza
  • 2
  • 12 minutes

Christmas leftovers sandwiches are great, but have you ever had a leftovers panouzzo?! The perfect way to use up some old pizza dough as well as all the Christmas dinner favourites that you just didn’t have room for on Christmas day...

Christmas Leftovers Panouzzo

Step 1;

- Ensure Roccbox is saturated and up to temperature and toss the dough ball in flour before splitting in half.

Step 2;

- Working one half at a time, push the dough open into a slipper shape and pull onto a floured placement peel.

Step 3;

- Launch into Roccbox and bake for around 90 seconds, rotating as required. Repeat with the other half of dough and set both to one side.

Step 4;

- Heat up all the leftover ingredients you plan to use in a pan in Roccbox, you can do this in stages, and heat the gravy up on a hob.

Step 5;

- Use scissors to cut down one long side of the panuzzos and open them up like a book. Spread the cranberry sauce over the base of each before adding the cheese and layering up the heated leftovers.

Step 6;

- Cut the panouzzo in half and serve with a pot of the gravy for dipping.