Gozney Roccbox Named a Which? Best Buy.


Here at Gozney HQ, we are extremely proud to announce that our restaurant-grade portable pizza oven Roccbox has been named a Which? Best Buy.

“There are plenty of great home pizza ovens out there, but for us the Gozney Roccbox tops the lot."

Aware of the rising trend in outdoor pizza ovens, Which? decided to rigorously test 6 of the UK’s most popular pizza oven brands, judging how easy each oven is to use and clean, how long it takes to reach cooking temperature, and the quality of the pizzas it cooks. But one oven was a slice above the rest... the Gozney Roccbox which achieved top place of the Which? pizza oven comparison table.

The Roccbox was praised for being family-friendly with its silicon jacket, making homemade pizza simple and easy, and recognised for its versatility and dual fuel option, allowing the convenience of gas or the tradition of wood.

“The Roccbox is well designed and packed with thoughtful features... the oven is covered in a heatproof shell to reduce the chances of burning yourself if you touch it during use, and it has a wide opening so it's easy to turn your pizza and keep an eye on it while it cooks... We also think it's a masterstroke to have the gas and wood-fired burners as separate attachments.”

Proudly independent, Which? is committed to making consumer’s lives simpler, fairer and safer. Which? does not have owners, shareholders or government departments to answer to. In other words, they are 100% independent, and their awards are completely impartial. Read the full review here

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